Winter and mushroom inoculation in logs

Winter is slow in the garden with a few leeks and spinach standing guard and some salad clinging to life in our cloches. We are now getting into warming chai teas and lovely broths and casseroles.

Today I drove past an old oak in Hagley park that had been blown down. This sparked an idea that always pops up at this time of year. With Autumn mushroom hunting over and the garden in slow mode it is time to find a few logs for growing mushrooms. I have read that the best time to harvest logs is after leaf fall in deciduous trees so now is the time. I think about this every year but seeing the tree made me think I will have to do some sweet talking to the tree surgeons who are doing the removal. (Or get there first).

I have a vision of my son drilling holes in the logs and hammering in the inoculated dowels, awesome.