Seed exchange and teaching at Turanga

It was a lovely day at Turanga. A real privileged to be invited into the central library in Christchurch to help run their seed and seedling exchange. Lots of chat about starting gardens and planting seed. It was also super nice to meet a some of you who are using the app. Thanks for the enthusiastic feedback!

Explaining the magic of gardening

Thanks to everyone for coming down. Top work for you all, it was a bit of a drizzly day out in Christchurch city. The weather was a good reminder that it is still a little early here in Christchurch for a lot of open ground planting. Now is the time to start thinking about it though. There are lots of seedlings starting their lives cuddled up on windowsills and in cloches around the city getting a lovely early season boost. If you need any tips on growing have a browse through my blog and you will find lots of simple useful information. Of course if you need advice on timing of your planting check our calendar