Trellis and growing frames

Trellis and other frames are truly a¬†place where art and gardening can really come together. From one of my woven bean frames to one of Scott’s granddad style tomato frames, they can really make a statement.

This is where your imagination can come to play. There are plenty of lovely frames for sale for those of us without time, tools or know how. For those who have a little or a lot of these commodities, the possibilities are endless. So long as they are well stuck in the ground and strong enough to hold the plant that is growing on them then go for it.

Consider shading of other crops when you place your frames. Also consider how the filled frame will look in your garden. They could form a focal point and alley way, a tunnel and so on. Superb.

Though I love sculpting wonderful frames for my plants, I sometimes have to bow to more practical measures. Some of my favourites for quick frames are bamboo stakes, concrete reinforcing mesh and any long chunk of metal lying around. Concrete reinforcing mesh comes in great whopping rectangular sections. Don’t be afraid of these. Grab yourself some bolt cutters and cut, bend and roll it into just about any shape your heart desires. Pictured is an off cut of a gate I resized. Wonderful for the tomatoes though not super good looking.