The story of a simple cloche

I thought that my cloche was well worth a write up.

My cloche came into existence early this spring with a quick screw together of some old window frames. Its first purpose was to give some seedlings a head start for the growing season. It lived happily on my deck over early spring where it looked beautiful catching the rain. The lid doesn’t have very good drainage but the unintentional aesthetic bonus was great. It was slightly in peril from the attentions of my son Fenn who was just starting to walk and climb at the time. Nothing more irresistible than a pond at climbing height. Nothing more horrific than watching him climb onto a thin glass panel.


Perils overcome, the cloche did a great job of pumping out more seedlings than we could cope with. Phase two was moving into the main garden and creating an awesome climate for the basil. As I write this Kristie is making the fourth batch of pesto of the wee basil plot. By comparison the basil plants outside the cloche have barely produced enough leaves for a humble tomato salad.

The cloches winter purpose is yet to be determined, it will be a toss up between a winter salad garden and a sun lounge for the guinea pigs.