Plastic Recycling

Our plastic consumption is something that is damaging our world to the point there may not be any way back. It is hard to see a way through this problem when every move we make generates plastic waste. Roughly 10% of the plastic we use is recycled. The rest? Best not to ask…

There isn’t a single miracle bullet that will solve the plastic problem but if we take some time we can find that there are super positive things happening in the world. There is also a host of common sense things that we can put into practice in our own life.

Earlier this year I discovered the Precious Plastic network led by the charismatic and driven eco worrior Dave Harkens. Feeling inspired to make a difference I am building a few of their open source machines as well as borrowing a mulching machine from someone in the Christchurch Precious Plastic network. We have been mulching away, mould making,networking and researching. The more I get into it the more solutions I find.

Check out my short talk on plastic recycling

One thing that I keep coming back to with pride is that as gardeners we are leading the charge towards a circular economy in plastic usage. We re-use plant pots and lower food miles by growing at home . By harvesting straight for the table we eliminate the need to store things in plastic bags.Well done us.

My sincerely hope is that our web app adds another level of support to people who want to grow food and to lower their plastic dependence. Dave who supplies our seeds is of the same vision. His seeds come with minimal(reusable) plastic, just enough to keep the seeds fresh and happy,and are sent out in a paper envelope not a plastic courier bag.Another reason we are proud to work with ECOseeds.

Stay conscious of the purchases you make. Buy things that will last, avoid plastic where you can and if you near some one doing some real recycling drop your plastic there.

 We are in Christchurch,Richmond if you are nearby and want to drop some clean plastic off let me know! We are aiming for 98% that comes through our bins to be made into sculpture and other lasting products.