Nutrient dense food

Food food, what is food food. Food food is food for our food. Feeling hungry? Well so are your plants.

If you want to have a healthy body then you eat healthy plants right? So what keeps plants healthy. You guessed it, food.

Plants don’t just grow on water and sun they draw a lot of their nutritional needs from the soil. If the soil is depleted of any nutrients, the plants miss out. Just like us, plants benefit greatly from full nutrition. A healthy plant will be more effective at fighting off pests and diseases. And a healthy plant will pass on its nutrition to you.

So how can you add nutrients to your soil? Any mulch, seaweed, poo or bokashi to name a few, will help and don’t feel too intimidated by the following article. If you are a beginner or time poor then getting veggies growing at all is Awesome. I myself am feeling that I am almost brave enough to take it to the next level…. Take a read of this article from Kay Baxter at the Koanga institute. Good food for thought.