Notions of spring

It is a cold cold day here in Christchurch. I sit by the fire and look forward to the day warming up a bit. Though winter is still here in full strength, there are hints of spring in the air. Some plants like my garlic and salads in protected areas are starting to grow. Not like a full scale spring flush but growing all the same. The days are getting longer and hope is forming.

There are murmurings of early plantings of tomatoes and chillies floating about in conversation. If I pay closer attention I also hear about incubators, hot houses and frost free environments. As we are not so well set up I will patiently wait a few weeks yet before we commit to the delicious excitement of growing early seedlings. For now I shall content myself to familiarize myself with my seed stash, sort some out to share with friends and watch the garlic grow.

Stay warm…